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About Print Club Bristol

Welcome to Print Club Bristol. This initiative has been set up by Spike Print Studio to help the public understand and enjoy original print.

Print Club Bristol promotes print created at Spike Print Studio by its artist members, residency and invited artists. It shows exciting collectable work that will encourage people to start collecting print for enjoyment and investment. But above all Print Club Bristol wants to encourage the public to fall in love with original print.

Print Club Bristol is for everyone.

Whether you are a spontaneous buyer or someone considering collecting print as part of a collection portfolio, Print Club Bristol can help you. Print can be an affordable way to start collecting art. At Print Club Bristol we will arrange events where you can meet the artists, talk about the work and process and learn about how diverse and exciting print can be. Membership is free.

Member benefits

  1. Have opportunities to meet artists, look at new work and purchase with a 5% discount.
  2. Have the opportunity to view and buy work editioned by national and international artists.
  3. Access to online resources.
  4. Have an opportunity to buy original print in installments, interest free over an agreed period.
  5. Print Club Bristol will invite you to guest talks and events.