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How does my original print form part of an art collection?

The time is always right to begin building an art collection. Some of the world’s biggest collectors started with very small acquisitions and quite often an original print. Be true to your tastes and and buy what you love and then your collection will reflect you. Being part of Print Club Bristol will inform you about the qualities and characteristics of original print through your contact with artists, curators and other experts.

The following is a quote from Maria Brito writing for ELLE magazine about collecting art at Art Basel Miami Beach 2013:

What to buy

“Art fairs are not necessarily exclusive for very experienced collectors. I always recommend people who are just starting to buy art to visit the Editions section of ABMB – this is where some of the leading printing companies and galleries that deal primarily with editions bring their best collaborations with artists from around the world. Because editions come in series, their prices are much lower than a one-of-a-kind painting. And most of the satellite fairs that I mentioned above also have excellent art by emerging artists at relatively good prices”

Iwona Blazwick, Director of The Whitechapel Gallery, London in an article for the Telegraph, 24 February 2014 shares her tips for starting to collect art by buying original print:

Buy editions

“Many galleries, for example, Camden Arts Centre and the Whitechapel Gallery, now ask artists who exhibit to make limited-edition pieces for the public to buy. These are exciting as they mark the occasion of an exhibition; buying one means you are part of history as it is made. The link to the exhibition also means that gallery editions tend to accumulate in value.”

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