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Spike Print Studio editions high quality and innovative, contemporary prints produced with invited artists.

Spike Print Studio Editions began with a grant from the Arnolfini Collections Trust set up by Jeremy Rees. It worked with six international artists to produce a unique set of limited edition prints called The Editioning Project.

The artists and artist collaborations involved are John Wood and Paul Harrison, James Ireland, Mariele Neudecker, Andrew Mania, Daphne Wright and Ged Quinn.

These international artists were invited to explore print as they liked, and all worked closely with artist and master printmaker Martyn Grimmer.

The prints are produced at Spike Print Studio and sold individually or as a folio of six.

SPS also commissions artists to make new work using a number of different printing processes. Artists include Sophie Macpherson, Richard Forster, Sonia Boyce and Richard Long.

We are able to give you advice on commissioning, purchasing, framing and exhibiting work.